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Disclaimer Terms & Conditions

  1. Cash Prizes, UMS (Unique Monthly Scholarships), Gold Medals, Silver Medals will be determined on basis of the student’s performance in National and International Benchmarking Exams.
  2. The Students who will qualify the criteria mentioned here will be eligible for ALLEN Champ Rewards.
  3. The final Judgment of awards i.e. Cash Prizes, Scholarships & Medals in ALLEN Champ for every class, shall remain with Management Team of ALLEN Career Institute and the decision taken by them will be final and irrevocable.
  4. Only the students of class 5th to 12th are eligible for self-nomination of ALLEN Champ.
  5. Achievements in ALLEN Champ do not guarantee direct admission to any of the Program conducted by ALLEN Career Institute.
  6. It is compulsory for the selected students to attend the Champion’s Day conducted by ALLEN Career Institute based on institute’s notification and compete in the Final Round of Activity for their crowning positions i.e. ACR 1 to ACR 10, to receive their rewards.
  7. No reward/award/prize money shall be handed over to any of the student’s relative/guardian or his/her representative in any case.
  8. It is compulsory for the Parents of the selected students to accompany the shortlisted students for Champion’s Day function to become eligible for the respective rewards. No rewards shall be handed over to any representative under any circumstances.
  9. All the Taxes and Norms specified by the Government of India on the Cash Prizes shall be applied.
  10. The prizes and rewards are non-transferable
  11. The Unique Monthly Scholarship is valid till 12 months only.
  12. Cash Scholarships will be paid to the students through a crossed cheque and shall be in favour of the student only.
  13. All legal matters shall be subject to Kota (Rajasthan) Jurisdiction only.
  14. To be shortlisted for the Final Round of Activity on Champion’s Day, A candidate must have at least One Achievement in the Year 2017.